Posture really is the key to the kind of training I am promoting here. Without the correct posture you are going to struggle to move in an efficient manner which places the minimum amount of stress on your joints. Sooner or later bad posture is going to catch up with you, and many people start suffering from the results of bad posture in middle age with chronic pain of some kind.

What does the Perfect Standing Posture Look Like?

Simply put, everything should stack in a straight line; the head should be over the shoulders, the shoulders over the hips, the hips over the knees, and the knees over the ankles. This is best seen from a side view.  This isn't the end of the analysis, however. Front and back views can also show dysfunctions, such as hip hikes, and the tell-tale sign of pronated shoulders, the palm of the hand facing backwards instead of side-on.

Getting your standing posture correct is the first step in your training. It is likely that you will naturally sink into an imperfect alignment when relaxed, however it is important to know how - and to feel how - to find the proper standing neutral position. It is from this anchor that efficient movement comes.


Surprisingly, not many people know what an ideal standing posture looks like, and even less know what it feels like. This takes time and practice.