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Posture and Movement Coaching Online or In-Person

Would you like to train with me in person? Simply get in touch to find out more.

Train with me in Cairns, Australia 

Structural Integration Sessions = $80 per hour.

Learn to Self-Massage (MFR) = $50 per hour.

* Bring a training partner for no extra cost!!

Half Price Training for Under 18s!!!

How you hold yourself in your posture determines how you are going to move through space. As you age your posture changes and with it the different joint angles change the way you move. It's pure physics.


Generally, a healthy, young person will have pretty decent posture and move the way nature intended us humans to move. But we aren't hunter gathers anymore; we have a range of professions, habits, hobbies, and cultural practices that aren't in-sync with how we physically evolved to survive. We each adapt to our own ways of existing in our own individual ways.

This makes everyone different. Yes, we have many similarities with each other, but fundamentally our lives are not the same and this means our bodies adapt to different stimuli and stresses.

This means that people will have different problems and different strengths and weaknesses, and compensate their movements in sometimes weird and wonderful ways. With this in mind the approach to training must be individualised.

This doesn't mean however that there isn't a correct way to move. Humans have a code for movement that is optimal and we should work towards that goal in training. It's just that the journey to that goal is going to be different for every person.

I'll give you the blueprints and the know-how to work towards this goal of improved movement. With it comes reduction in pain and injury, and improved physical performance and health.

Movement is vitally important in maintaining a healthy body, but too many people breakdown when they try to exercise and then become inactive. For some this happens when they reach old age and near death. These lucky people are few and far between. For most, the process of chronic pain, injury, and general deterioration starts occurring in their 30s or even earlier. And for an increasingly unlucky number of people chronic pain and injury become an ever-present, debilitating, miserable, and permanent aspect of their lives.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Contact me first by email to book a session:

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