Posture and Movement Coaching Online or In-Person

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Train with me in Cairns

I am currently based in Cairns, so if you are too and would like a more hands-on approach or a gym to train with me in, this option is also available.

* Bring a training partner for no extra cost.

* Payments made through Paypal or bank transfer or through the gym at Coast Fitness Trinity Beach.
* For training using gym facilities an additional fee applies for non-members.

My intention on this site is to provide you with the information to improve the quality of your life; to reduce pain, so you can continue to exercise well into old age and perform at your best at your sport. To do this , I will provide loads of free and useful information.


If you already have good body awareness and understand the concepts involved and how to carry them out, the information on this site should be of great benefit to you and you can work in much of it to your exercise regime without ever needing to do any training with me, either online or in person. However, if you aren't sure how to correctly apply the information on this site, I am available for coaching sessions in Cairns, and I am currently working on online material also.

Some of the concepts will take some time to master and you may want me to aid you through this, but my intention is not to have PT sessions with you indefinitely (unless you want to, of course). My motivation is to equip you with the knowledge and the skills to sort yourself out. If it helps to have me guide you through, though, that's fine with me.

Part of my philosophy here on this site is not to make it all about money. I want you to be able to do self-massage so you don't have to pay someone else, I want you to be able to correct your own posture so you don't have to pay someone else.


For my online sessions, all you will need is a tennis ball/lacrosse ball/baseball and a mat to exercise on to begin with. It is an added bonus if you have a massage tool like a theracane or backknobber, a medicine ball, and a couple of light dumbells, but it is not essential. Sessions are technique based and although some of the corrective exercises are challenging, you will not be doing any big movements, so you shouldn't need a large area to train in.

There may come a stage where your posture and movement technique is sufficiently advanced that extra equipment or a gym will be useful, and I can certainly accommodate that also. 


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