As well as training with me in person, I have a range of products to purchase. I have spent the last 20 years in the health and fitness industry, in that time I have tried-out many methods of training and different diets, so I know what works and what doesn't. Coupled with my 5-point criteria for getting to the truth in an era of confusing messaging on health and exercise, I have come up with a system of training to follow for ultimate improvement in health, wellbeing, and functionality. It all starts with daily health protocols, which leads into the best way to exercise to improve movement efficiency and build a stronger, healthier body that doesn't breakdown on you. 

The 5-Point Criteria

  1. Does it make sense from an evolutionary perspective?

  2. Is there a mechanism of action, and is it plausible?

  3. Is there any publicly available evidence? Is it free from financial or political bias?

  4. Do you have any personal experience of it? I.e., have you tried things out for yourself?

  5. Can you see trends in the world around you that support the theory or evidence provided?

Lifestyle and Relaxation Protocols

Learning how to improve your posture and your movement brings up some interesting challenges, some which become a lot easier if you optimize lifestyle practices and learn how to relax. The two are often intertwined. However, in a confusing world of health messaging it can be difficult to know what is best practice in this regard. That's why I have dug through all the research, applied evolutionary theory, and importantly practiced almost everything out to come up with a lifestyle and relaxation protocol, which can be followed by almost anyone. You can at least pick and choose what you can follow, but at least you'll have an idea about what a healthy lifestyle looks like, and how best to achieve a relaxed state.

Online Tutorials

Postural Corrective Exercises

This online tutorial course consists of 15 separate videos of about 5 minutes in duration and takes you through a range of postural corrective exercises designed to help you change your posture for the better and become more aware of your body's position in space. These are the static positions you need to understand and practice to enable you to move better.

Fundamental Movement Exercises

This course of 11 videos helps you master the basic fundamental movements you need in order to move with accuracy and efficiency and follows on from the postural exercise course. Once you have some knowledge and mastery of of these fundamental moves, you can experiment with a range of new exercises safely and effectively.