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Welcome to Cairns Gait and Posture Training. Specialising in Injury Prevention and Pain Free, Efficient Movement

Special Emphasis on:

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  • Myofascial Release (Self-Massage)

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How Does the Training Work?

If you choose to train with me, either in person or online, the first port of call is a simple posture and movement assessment. This lets me know specifics about you and I can tailor sessions for your particular issues. That being said, the practical side of the first few sessions will be the same for almost all of my clients.

Myofascial Release

This is essentially self-massage or rolling. In my experience many people dabble a bit in it without really knowing how to do it properly. See my post, "What is Myofascial Release and Why Should I do it?"

Corrective Exercise

Once we have got rid of some of the restrictions holding you back with some self-massage techniques, we then apply corrective exercises to set better movement patterns in motion. At first these positions and movements will seem alien and a very conscious effort will have to be taken to do them correctly, but after a while it will become part of your unconscious movement and posture. 


The corrective exercises will not be easy, but don't be expecting to be pouring with sweat afterwards. Think of the workout to feel more like a Pilates class rather than a weights session. If you are someone who trains often and likes to push themselves, this kind of workout will be one you can do on a recovery day and much of it is excellent preparation for harder workouts.

This type of training is subtle and educational; you will know a lot more about your body and be able to help yourself. The concepts are actually quite simple, but they need to be practiced. Huge numbers of personal training sessions will not be necessary once you have grasped the basics. Advanced training sessions need a gym, but the most fundamental parts require very little equipment at all and can be done at home.

Learn how to move the way you are biomechanically evolved to move and you will feel the difference with reduced pain, greater range of movement, and improved efficiency and performance.


The way I train is based on the work of Thomas Myers in his book, 'Anatomy Trains', which chronicles the recent findings in fascial connections and their role in movement, and also on the amazing work of Functional Patterns. I am not a Functional Patterns practitioner myself, but their work has inspired much of the way I go about training. I highly recommend checking them out at, as they are the true experts in this field of training, and in my opinion lead the industry by a country mile in a truly functional and therapeutic way of exercising.

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Plantar fascia release using a training cricket ball.

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A stretch or an exercise? Well, both.

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