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Move more efficiently with reduced pain and injury.

Myofascial Release (self- massage) Tutorials and Tips.

Welcome to Cairns Gait and Posture Training. Moving more efficiently reduces pain and injury and improves performance. But how do you do it?

The How

  • Myofascial Release (MFR or Self Massage)

  • Adjust Posture Safely and Effectively

  • Analyze and Change Gait

  • Functional Biomechanics Exercises

  • Optimizing Health More Broadly

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Training and Costs

Structural Integration Training = $80 per hour

Learn to Self-Massage (MFR) = $50 per hour

The full training system; from MFR, postural and movement training, along with diet and lifestyle advice, tips, and coaching.

Learn MFR and you won't pay for a massage ever again. This may only take 3 or 4 sessions to complete. Some people may pick up the gist of it after just one and be good to go. A hugely beneficial skill, I want teach to as many as I can.

How Does the Training Work?

Our training program begins with a posture and movement assessment to understand your specific needs.


We utilize myofascial release techniques, which involve self-massage and rolling, to address postural issues and improve movement efficiency.


Corrective exercises are then introduced to establish better movement patterns. These exercises may initially feel unfamiliar but gradually become second nature. The training focuses on proper body alignment. It is a subtle and educational approach that empowers you to understand and help your own body.


We progress from static positions to mastering movement through different ranges. While advanced sessions may require some equipment, the fundamental aspects can be done anywhere.


By learning to move in alignment with your natural biomechanics, you can expect reduced pain, increased range of motion, and improved performance.


Our approach is rooted in evolutionary theory and the latest research in human biomechanics. Influenced by pioneers like Thomas Myers and Functional Patterns, we provide a functional and therapeutic way of exercising.

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Myofascial Release


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